Chery’s first car-“Fulwin” numbered “000001” rolled off the line on December 18, 1999, marking a new milestone of Chinese brands and a breakthrough of Chery in independent car building. On December 18, 2020, Chery achieved another breakthrough with cumulative sales of 9 million units.

From “Fulwin” stirring the Chinese market 21 years ago to EXEED, Arrizo, Tiggo, Jetour and Cowin shining in global markets today, Chery has established a dozen automakers including wholly-owned Chery Automobile and Chery Commercial Vehicle, as well as joint ventures like Chery Jaguar Land Rover and Cowin Auto, created a series of brands, and formed a pattern from the “entry level” to the “luxury level” in the passenger vehicle field.

Just as “Fulwin” that surprised Chinese brands, a host of star models have emerged from Chery’s product lineup today. As a key series of Chery, Tiggo 8 has registered cumulative sales of nearly 300,000 units over the two years since its launch, and achieved record sales of over 20,000 units in November. As the first series developed according to the global forward development process, Arrizo has been recognized by domestic and overseas markets for its overwhelming strength. Arrizo 5 was the only Chinese sedan ranked by the J.D. Power 2020 China Initial Quality Study SM (IQS).

As a premium brand of Chery, EXEED has witnessed the upward brand development of Chery. Under a forward R&D system, with a global vision, EXEED aims to build an independent world top M3X platform. Empowered by the M3X platform, EXEED TXL of outstanding quality achieved a five-star plus C-NCAP rating with an overall score of 93.6%, ranking first among all midsize SUVs in evaluations since the new rules came into effect.

If China is the main base of Chery, the overseas market is an increasingly important sector for Chery. In 2020 marking the 20th year of Chery’s globalization, the number of Chery’s overseas customers among its 9 million global customers exceeded 1.7 million and Chery was China’s largest passenger vehicle exporter for the 17th consecutive year.

As China’s first auto brand to go global, Chery has implemented a “three-step” strategy for globalization. From “going out” to “going in” and “going up”, Chery has gradually worked out a scheme for the globalization of Chinese brands.

Now Chery boasts 6 R&D bases, 10 plants, as well as over 1,500 overseas dealers and service networks across the world. Chery’s overseas production capacity totals up to 200,000 units per year. Chery has exported auto products to over 80 countries and regions, of which 46 are along the “Belt and Road”. In key markets like Russia and Egypt, Chery is a well-known brand.

At the 2020 Summit on Global Image of Chinese Enterprises in November, Chery was listed among “2020 Top 20 Chinese Enterprises with the Best Global Image” (“Belt and Road” Edition), moving into the top 10 along with enterprises like Huawei, Lenovo and Alibaba. This is the 5th time that Chery has won this honor and Chery came out on top in the auto industry.

From 1 to 9 million, Chery has not only achieved growth amid the market slump, but also gone on a track of high-quality development. With the expansion of its primary business-automobile, Chery has deployed operations in sectors such as automotive parts, real estate, finance, modern services and intelligentization apart from automobile, brought together over 270 member enterprises, and achieved cumulative revenues of over 100 billion yuan, thus creating a vibrant “auto ecosystem”.