With the growing worry about the COVID-19, increasingly stringent measures on pandemic prevention and control are extending worldwide. Upon reiterations of the government of different countries, the health and safety on travel has regained popularity among the global community.

In the incipience of COVID-19 in 2020, Chery took the lead in developing a “CN95” health cabin, which can forme an “antiviral shield” inside the car. “CN95” has now been applied in Chery Tiggo 8, Tiggo 7 and other models, echoing Chery’s undertaking to put safety first and active practice of social responsibilities amid the pandemic.

CN95 air filter- Creator of “clean” breath

Mask is now the most effective personal protection equipment. But protection is often overlooked under some scenarios, such as the car without air purifier since we may relax vigilance in our cars. “Mask” is also necessary for the car as a clean air inside brings us not only safety but also health.

“CN95” health cabin is equipped with the top-level certified CN95 air filter, which lifts the filtration efficiency of 0.3 μm particles to 95% under the air volume of 288m3/h. It can also isolate more than 95% of fine particles and over 99% of bacteria in the air, effectively block, adsorb and dehydrate virus carriers, and destroy the living conditions for virus, thus shortening the survival time of bacteria.

Air Quality System (AQS)

The Air Quality System (AQS) to the “CN95” health cabin has multiple and progressive air purification functions to filter, isolate and purify the air in the car. The clean air flowing in will be further sterilized and deodorized by CN95 air purifier to create a cleaner air environment. Besides, the Remote Active Cabin Self-Cleaning System (RICSCS) will also sterilize and deodorize the car before unlocking and after locking, thus ensuring the air quality in the car.

Strict control on manufacturing to make travel healthier

Besides the prevention of harmful substances from outside, our focus should also be put on controlling material-generated odors and gases.

Backed by the strong R&D strength of the Group, Chery has set up complete in-car air quality control standards and industry chain control procedures covering materials, parts and vehicles, in a bid to effectively reduce the emission of harmful odors and gases from cars.

Chery’s “Golden Nose Team” is Testing Raw Materials

Chery’s “Golden Nose Team” plays a vital role in the investigation of raw materials. These experts are able to sense peculiar smells that are hardly perceptible for the most captious consumers. They are just like “looking for bones in an egg”, but in a responsible way.

The team also conducts random check and appraisal on the vehicles on the production lines to avoid any inconformity. Any defective product will be recalled immediately for disassembly and troubleshooting in “VOC Laboratory”. After VOC analysis of the car, parts, and materials, the cause of air pollution is eventually figured out.

Chery “VOC environment cabin”

To guarantee the consistency of all the parts, several departments of Chery would sign the “Standard Material Process Form” with suppliers for efficient management on raw materials. Based on scrupulous recording, Chery strives keep all the production links and raw materials of suppliers under its supervision.

Given this critical period of the resurgence of COVID-19, healthy travel is given the priority to win the battle against the pandemic. Thanks to the constant upgrading of the air purification technology, Chery successfully developed the “CN95 health cabin” featuring great safety and purification performance, which highlights its “customer-centered” concept.