Tiggo 8 Pro Wins “Annual Innovation Award”

The “2020 China Auto Award Ceremony”, hosted by China Media Group (CMG), took place in Beijing on January 20. Tiggo 8 Pro received the top award-“Annual Innovation Award” in recognition of its outstanding quality and innovative technologies.

Through the selection, CMG, China’s most influential national media agency, aims to demonstrate the efforts of China’s auto industry in overcoming the Covid-19 outbreak to improve product quality, accelerate product upgrading, break the bottleneck of R&D and achieve a turnaround through technology, product and model innovation.

Since the selection started in September 2020, Tiggo 8 Pro has stood out from nearly 100 models, to be named the “National Car of the Year 2020” by over 1 million votes. Following sessions such as online selection, professional test and expert evaluation, it was shortlisted for the Model of the Year awards and eventually won the Annual Innovation Award.

2020 China Auto Award Ceremony

Chery often reminds people of technology, a label attached by consumers to Chery over the years. Technology innovation is the foundation and root of Chery. Through technology innovation, Chery aims to embrace the future by further improving fuel vehicle technologies, accelerate the electrification, networking, intelligentization and sharing of products, develop sophisticated technologies in fields such as new energy, intelligent connection and autonomous driving, and make China’s auto industry grow strong and consumers benefit from technology innovation.

Over the years, Chery has adhered at technology innovation, invested 5% to 7% of its annual sales revenues in R&D and achieved breakthroughs in key technologies. To date, Chery has applied for 20,794 patents and won 13,153 patents, ranking top in China’s auto industry.

Tiggo 8 Pro

Chery has been up to world leading standards in the engine field after 22 years of forward development. With outstanding performance, reliability and economy, the 1.6TGDI engine, a powerful China Heart engine powering Tiggo 8 Pro, is comparable to key joint venture and luxury brands. Remarkable, Chery is about to roll out its next generation China Heart engine which will be more powerful.

1.6TGDI engine

To go with the tide of “electrification, networking, intelligentization and sharing”, Chery has been accelerating the development of technologies in fields such as intelligent connection and autonomous driving. Chery’s independent Chery Lion i-Connect System has realized enhanced voice interaction, AI face recognition and AI intelligent management, and been fully applied in the core products of Tiggo and Arrizo. In terms of autonomous driving, Chery has launched the Lion Intelligent Driving technology platform and created a smart traffic ecosystem of driver-vehicle-road cooperation. Chery achieved L2.5 autonomous driving in 2020 and will achieve L4 autonomous driving in 2025.

The grant of the Annual Innovation Award to Tiggo 8 Pro is a reflection of Chery’s innovation strength and an epitome of China’s manufacturing strength. Chery has aspired to build a globally competitive brand over the 24 years. At the critical period for the transformation of China’s auto industry, Chery will continue to uphold the strategy of Technology Chery, master core technologies, and accelerate the intelligentization, networking, electrification and sharing of products, to help China’s auto industry achieve a historic leap.

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