Chery’s First Future ICV Plant Project broke ground in Wuhu, China on February 3, marking a new step of Chery’s major “new infrastructure” project aimed to accelerate intelligent transformation. According to Chery’s “fourteenth five-year” plan, Chery’s “Future ICV Plant” Project involves the construction of three high-end digital, networked and intelligent plants in Wuhu, and First Future ICV Plant Project that started first is expected to achieve an annual output of 500,000 units (including KDs).

With the advent of the new-round technology revolution and consumption upgrading, the auto industry with a history of over 140 years is facing disruptive changes empowered by electrification, intelligentization, networking and sharing, said Yin Tongyao, Chairman of Chery Holding Group Co., Ltd. Chery must embrace the great change unseen in a century. To this end, Chery has deployed “new growth points” such as new energy, intelligent connection and mobility in its strategic plan, fully shifted its investment and innovation focus from traditional vehicles to intelligent vehicles and new energy vehicles, and comprehensively upgraded its production scale, manufacturing technologies and management processes. It is imminent to build future-oriented high-end smart plants. To achieve full prosperity, Chery must take deep roots in intelligent and green development.

Guided by green manufacturing and smart digital technologies, Chery’s Future ICV Plant Project aims to build a top model green intelligent plant and an intelligent connection demonstration zone in China. While constructing three high-end smart plants, the project will construct a hybrid powertrain plant, a core parts plant and an international CKD plant with corresponding production capacity, as well as an intelligent connection demonstration zone based on 5G, AI, big data and other technologies. First Future ICV Plant will manufacture over 10 high-performance new models, including new-generation platform products (Chery 4.0 products) and Tiggo 8 series (the core product of the T1X platform). The development of new-generation hybrid engines and transmissions will be advanced concurrently.

Chery’s Future ICV Plant Project, to be constructed in accordance with advanced industrial standards, enjoys prominent competitive advantage: first, the project that features high efficiency, automation, transparency and digitalization throughout production, is beyond the level of Intelligent Manufacturing 3.0; second, with low operating cost, the project has leading cost performance in China; third, the project ensures zero defect of products under the model of “own process completion”; fourth, the project realizes efficient manufacturing through multi-platform & model flexible production, short processes and zero inventory; fifth, the project is a green plant that ensures low energy consumption and zero emission through full-process energy conservation and environmental protection.

In the coming five years, powered by the Future ICV Plant, Chery will accelerate the thorough transformation from traditional vehicles to intelligent vehicles. The plant aims to be a “sample” for the high-quality development of China’s auto industry that will explore a new model for China’s auto industry to firmly grasp core technologies and achieve high-quality development; will become a demonstrative base for the development of strategic emerging industries that will play a demonstrative role in industrial agglomeration and quality improvement; and will become a “new engine” for Chery’s development that will help Chery improve production capacity, technical level, manufacturing level and management level, and further optimize its whole value chain layout in the auto industry to develop into a world first-class brand in an accelerated manner.