According to the results of 2021 China Auto Customer Satisfaction Survey (Fuel Vehicles) recently released by CATARC Information Consultation Co., Ltd. (CATARC Consultation), Chery’s global quality sedan-Arrizo 6 Pro came out on top in the satisfaction assessment of Chinese cars, ranking among the top three in the segment of “mid-size compact sedans”.

As a Chinese professional testing & evaluation authority, CATARC Consultation has released the results of China Auto Customer Satisfaction Survey for 9 years in a row since 2012. This year’s survey covered 153 fuel models in 16 segments, interviewed consumers in 35 Chinese cities and collected over 20,000 samples. The company evaluated the models from multiple dimensions such as product satisfaction, service satisfaction, sales satisfaction and after-sales service satisfaction. The survey is of guiding significance for consumers to buy cars and for manufacturers to improve product and service quality.

Arrizo 6 Pro stood out to gain high praise from the authority, showing consumers’ high recognition of its product quality and after-sales service, as well as its tremendous comprehensive strength.

Outstanding satisfaction and reputation show the success of the “great item strategy”

As Chery’s first model up to global standards, Arrizo has been well known at home and abroad for its tremendous comprehensive strength, been exported to over 80 countries and regions, been favored by nearly 700,000 consumers, and been selected as “the Most Popular Chinese Auto Brand” and “the Best Model of the Year” many times in Russia, Brazil and other countries. Behind its outstanding sales and reputation is the success of Chery’s “great item strategy”.

Arrizo 6 Pro integrating global quality resources deserves the title of “global quality sedan”

Outstanding product quality is the basis of customer satisfaction. To ensure global quality, Arrizo 6 Pro integrated global quality resources, including an international design team, global R&D standards and global top 500 parts suppliers, and delivered “reliable global quality” by tremendous strength comparable to joint venture and luxury brands. For example, the engine carries a turbocharger from world-renowned Honeywell, and the seats are from Adient, a top luxury brand supplier focusing on auto seats. Besides, the model comes with a series of parts from world top suppliers, including Bosch’s new ESP, to build comprehensive strength in design, intelligence and quality.

The concept of “customer foremost” and innovative marketing strike a chord with consumers

To make its way into consumers’ hearts, from product to marketing, Arrizo 6 Pro has been inspired by the concept of “customer foremost” and catered to the needs of young consumers. Through distinctive product release and innovative marketing moves such as star endorsement, Arrizo 6 has not only fully demonstrated its global and young image, but also struck a chord with young consumers, touched them and reserved sufficient strength for its global sales boom.