According to the results of 2021 China Auto Customer Satisfaction Survey (Fuel Vehicles) recently released by CATARC Information Consultation Co., Ltd. (CATARC Consultation), Tiggo Pro outperformed its opponents by ultra large space and high driving & riding comfort to come out on top in the satisfaction assessment of entry-level midsize SUVs.

Consumers’ growing evaluation criteria for products and services have posed higher requirements to China’s auto industry. In the survey, CATARC Consultation evaluated the most worthy new cars from multiple dimensions such as product satisfaction, service satisfaction and after-sales service satisfaction that consumers are most concerned about.

According to survey data, more consumers take entry-level midsize SUVs as their second family cars and prefer using them for shopping, mobility and kid pickup. Advantages such as larger space and lower energy consumption are more important to them. Because of that, as the best entry-level midsize SUV in the satisfaction assessment, Tiggo 8 Pro features a 4722x1860x1745mm ultra large body, a 1930L trunk and 12 flexible space combinations, which boost the applicability of the model in various mobility scenarios.

Besides, Tiggo 8 Pro comes with a “dual top 10” power portfolio: Chery’s third-generation ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine with a maximum power of 145kW and a peak torque of 290N•m, which was selected as one of “China Heart” Ten Best Engines; CVT listed among the “World Top 10 Transmissions” in 2021. Thanks to the good match, the model has outstanding acceleration performance and ultra low fuel consumption that free consumers from worries.

Chery racked its brain on the driving & riding comfort of Tiggo 8 Pro. It has close-fitting luxury leather seats from leading seat makers-Lear and Aident, which offer consumers superior comfort. The luxury-level 34db deep-sea quiet space created by Chery’s world leading NVH laboratory makes the model even more comfortable.

Ranking Tiggo 8 Pro first in the assessment recognizes Chery’s outstanding product quality and motivates Chery to make further improvement to achieve greater success.