Chery further extends its corporate social responsibility programmes in SHANG HAI Autoshow

Chery further extends its corporate social responsibility programmes in SHANG HAI Autoshow

The plan was launched by Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery Automobile, Zhang Guibing, General Manager of Chery International, and dealer representatives from across the globe. The inclusion of dealers in this announcement is significant, as they will play an important role in extending the impact of this fund across the globe.

This is not the first global plan launched by Chery. The brand was the first Chinese automobile manufacturer to launch its internationalisation strategy nearly 20 years ago. In the two decades since, it has achieved remarkable growth and learned a great deal about the needs and dreams of global customers.

Since exporting its first vehicle, Chery has won the trust of over 11.2 million users worldwide. It has been the largest exporter of vehicles in China ever since.

Today, Chery is not just an exporter of vehicles. It has five global research and development centres and more than 1 500 dealers in over 80 countries and regions.

With its continuous expansion of the global market and its growing user base, Chery has identified a need to play an active role in protecting the environment and building a better international community. To help with this, Chery has created and funded an international public welfare fund focused on the environment and the global climate.

This fund will channel future Chery activities in these fields. Chery has, for instance, supported Turkey after its major earthquake and helped public welfare activities focused on women in Kuwait. Similarly, it is funding child welfare homes and programmes in South Africa.
Many of these activities will in future be supported and managed by the new Green Public Welfare Fund.

Ultimately, this new fund will grow to include social welfare and environmental projects in other parts of the world where Chery is actively engaged with communities, putting emphasis on its “With Chery With Love” ethos of showing love to every user worldwide.


Chery pours on the love with MyCheryCares

Chery pours on the love with MyCheryCares

  • A comprehensive set of maintenance, repair and convenience products added to every Chery purchased
  • Existing customers can add the features at a 15% discount
  • All features are available on the Chery App and via a convenient call centre

If the best warranty in the business, great specifications and world-class service is not enough, Chery South Africa has added a whole new level of customer convenience with MyCheryCare.

MyCheryCares is a unique innovation from Chery that combines a host of free service, chauffeur, maintenance and convenience features with every new Chery purchased. What’s more, these features are included for the first two years of ownership at no extra cost and can be extended to five years at a nominal fee.

“Everything we do at Chery has our customers at heart. From our 1-million-kilometre warranty to our strict dealer selection criteria that ensures only the best possible customer service, we want to make a Chery customer’s ownership experience as fuss-free as possible.

“With MyCheryCares, we have identified all the small inconveniences that come with vehicle ownership and made them disappear, all without charging customers more,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

Liu explains that MyCheryCares groups a number of unique vehicle insurance and convenience products under one banner.

The first group of products are called MySurfacePlan. This range of products includes scratch repairs, tar removal, headlamp renewal and mag wheel repair, to name but a few.

MySurfacePlan allows a Chery owner to fix small dents and scratches, including damage to alloy wheels and even windscreen chips and cracks at no cost. This product range even includes an annual free wheel alignment service and even a comprehensive Scotch Guard treatment for leather or fabric upholstery.

The range of MySurfacePlan features further include several other benefits not normally available on new vehicles, including odour removal (like pet, tobacco or mouldy smells) and a special annual air conditioning treatment that removes any possible bacteria or fungi in the air flow system.

“While many of the features may seem unnecessary on a new vehicle, it could completely transform an owner’s experience after one or two years behind the wheel of their Chery or help them spruce their Chery up when they decide to trade it on a new model or sell it,” says Liu.

Also included in the sale of every new Chery, is a range of convenient transport services grouped under MyTaxi, MyDriveHome and MyCourteseyCar.

Included in this range of products are a host of features such as a free taxi service for times when a customer finds themselves without their beloved Chery and a free rental vehicle when an owner’s Chery is in for repairs or longer services.

To add to these benefits, Chery has even included a free take-me-home service under MyDriveHome. This service is ideal for those occasions when an owner returns from a restaurant or work event and is concerned that they might have exceeded the legal alcohol consumption limit.

With MyDriveHome, Chery’s call centre will dispatch two drivers, with one driving the owner’s vehicle home. Using this service, the owner arrives home with their vehicle, but without any risk.

“To offer this comprehensive range of services, we have partnered with industry-leading service providers and trained a dedicated group of call centre staff. The staff members are on hand 24/7 and customers can book any of the MyCheryCares services by making a simple call or choosing the relevant option on the Chery App,” says Liu.

Liu explains that the MyCheryCares product range is governed, like any insurance or service product, by a range of conditions. For instance, services such as free wheel alignment, odour care and leather treatment are available for free once every 12 months, while others are conditional on the state of the repair required.

“While there are rules and regulations that apply to the MyCheryCares products, they are simple and easy to understand and offer significant protection and peace of mind at no extra cost.

“We invite our Chery family, and any vehicle owner who is interested in the Chery range, to visit their nearest Chery dealer to learn more and test drive their favourite model,” says Liu.

Customers who already own a Chery can add the MyCheryCares package at a discount of 15% to the market-related cost, and all customers who purchase a vehicle from 1 February will receive the package at no cost for 2 years.

New customers who want more information or want to claim any of the features can call the Chery Call Centre on 010 753 1157.


Chery unveils Tiggo 8 Pro MAX flagship

Chery unveils Tiggo 8 Pro MAX flagship

  • 2.0 litre engine with 187 kW
  • More safety and luxury features
  • 7 year / 90 000 km service plan standard

The new model, which will slot in above the 1.6 TGDI Tiggo 8 Pro Executive, is a fitting birthday gift to the company and its fans.

Chery celebrates its first birthday, and the end of a very eventful first year, in November. Since opening its doors as a wholly owned subsidiary of Chery in November 2021, the brand has welcomed more than 10 000 customers, became a top 10 best-selling brand and grown its network of dealers to over 70 facilities.

“The Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is the perfect birthday gift to our fans. It offers more power, more safety, and more features than ever before and as such it is the perfect personification of the Chery value promise,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager, Chery South Africa.

New 2.0 TGDI engine:

  • 187kW and 390 Nm
  • 7-speed DCT transmission

At the heart of the new Chery flagship is a new, powerful and refined 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine.

The 2.0 TDGI engine utilises many of Chery’s newest proprietary engine technologies to deliver 187 kW at 5 500 rpm and 390 Nm from 2 000 rpm to 4 000 rpm.

The engine delivers its power to the front wheels through a seven-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) that offers all the comfort of a normal automatic transmission, but with a quicker shift response and better fuel consumption.

Fitted with this transmission, the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX accelerates to 100 km/h from standstill in just 7.3 seconds, while consuming as little as 7 litres per 100 km in a combined usage cycle.

At the heart of the new 2.0 TGDI’s impressive performance and fuel consumption is a second generation “i-HEC” combustion system that uses ultra-low friction technology, intelligent thermal management, and a new Dual Variable Valve Timing system to offer speed, power and refinement at the lowest possible fuel consumption.

The new 2.0 TDGI engine further has a redesigned turbo charger that has a small diameter turbine and new fully floating bearing technology to offer a 22% better response time than similar turbo chargers.

“At Chery, our engineers have coined the phrase ‘2.0T +7DCT’ describe the perfect formula for the best possible driving experience,” says Liu.

“With the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX you get impressive power that is delivered smoothly through a DCT transmission for the best performance and driving experience.”
More luxury and safety features

  • Privacy glass standard
  • Sound-dampening front glasshouse added
  • Full ADAS system on Pro MAX

The Tiggo 8 Pro was launched in February this year with an impressive range of standard features that set a new benchmark for both safety and luxury in its segment.

With the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX, Chery adds even more specifications to the standard feature list, making this the true luxury and safety benchmark in its class.

To start, the MAX has all the features of the Tiggo 8 Pro Executive. This includes Adaptive Cruise Control, multi-colour Ambient Lighting, Chery Voice Control, a large panoramic sunroof, a 12.3-inch digital instrumentation panel, a 10,25 floating infotainment touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and an additional 8-inch touch screen for the dual zone climate control and other vehicle features.

In the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX, Chery has added privacy glass to the rear passenger compartment and upgraded the windscreen and front side windows to thicker sound dampening glass for an even more refined driving experience. It is worth noting that the Tiggo 8 Pro Executive will in future also feature privacy glass as standard.

In addition to the upgraded glasshouse, the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX has a black leather interior, as opposed to the dark tan coloured upholstery of the Executive model.

Other luxury and safety features that come standard on the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX include electrically adjustable driver’s (6 way) and front passenger (4 way) seats, an 8 speaker SONY sound system and wireless mobile phone charging.

Lastly, the MAX has the full array of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that are also included as standard on the Executive model.

This includes Forward Collision Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Adaptive Cruise Control with Emergency Braking Assistance, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Monitoring.

Chery Peace of Mind

  • 7 year / 90 000 km service plan
  • 1-million-kilometre warranty included
  • Chery a top performer in JD Power survey

As the flagship of the Chery range, the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX also offers a top-notch warranty and service plan.

The Tiggo 8 Pro has a 7 year / 90 000 km service plan and the company’s unmatched 10 year / 1-million-kilometre mechanical warranty as standard.

Add to this the peace of mind of knowing that the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is one of the top-performing models in the JD Power Quality Survey.

In the most recent 2022 JD Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study, the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX was second overall in the market for medium-sized SUVs with its combination of power, performance, luxury and safety.

“The Tiggo 8 Pro has been one of Chery’s top-selling vehicles across the world. It has recently surpassed 500 000 sales to become the first Chinese medium-sized SUV and first 7-seater SUV to hit this milestone,” says Liu.

The Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is available at dealerships across South Africa for a suggested retail price of R629 900.


Chery celebrates its first birthday in SA

Chery celebrates its first birthday in SA

  • 10 000-unit milestone hit in less than one year
  • Dealer network now at 74 units
  • Chery a Top 10 brand in South Africa

Chery is celebrating its first year in South Africa with a range of special deals and rewards to current and potential customers. It is also celebrating several major milestones, including reaching the Top 10 in South Africa in its first year of operation.

“You can measure a brand’s success with many different metrics, but none are more rewarding than the number of units sold. For us, each customer who signs an offer to purchase on a new Tiggo Pro is a vote of confidence in our brand and we are very thankful for that,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

If unit sales is a vote of confidence in the Chery brand, then South Africans are in full support of Chery. In its first 11 months of sales, Chery has surpassed 10 000 units.

Such a major milestone is rarely achieved by any brand in one year, let alone by a brand in its first year of operation. It not only establishes Chery as one of the largest brands in the country, but also solidifies its position on the top 10 list of most-popular brands in South Africa.

Says Liu: “We would not have been able to achieve this massive milestone without the support and hard work of our dealer network. Some of these dealers also celebrate their first year in November, while other dealers have only joined more recently.”

Chery now has 74 fully operational dealers across South Africa, offering sales, service and after-sales support. This, like its sales volumes, ranks it among the top brands in South Africa.

“We will continue to add dealers in South Africa where we see an opportunity to better support our Chery family. At the same time, we will look at possible expansion in neighbouring countries,” says Liu.

To celebrate the major milestones, and its first year in Mzansi, Chery has launched a flood of special deals on every Tiggo Pro model. A full list of deals is available on It has also added a competition for a randomly chosen person who has taken one of the Tiggo Pro models for a no-obligation test drive.

The competition offers the person who tested the Tiggo Pro with a two-night stay in the ultra-luxurious Train on the Bridge Hotel near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park.
The prize is worth R45 000 and it includes a two-night stay in the hotel, all drinks, meals, spa treatments and game drives. Chery will even throw in a R5 000 fuel voucher for the road trip to and from the hotel.

With regards to vehicle finance specials, the list is long and growing. Chery is offering new customers a payment holiday from November to February 2023 on any new Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro. Monthly repayments start at R5 557 for the Tiggo 7 Pro and R6 299 per month for the Tiggo 8 Pro. In the case of the Tiggo 8 Pro, Chery will even extend the service plan to seven years at no extra cost.


New sales records for Chery

New sales records for Chery

The company recently reported 132 828 sales in October, making it the fifth consecutive month in which it sold more than 100 000 units in a single month. In comparison, the total sales in October are 50,4% higher than the same month last year.

The stellar sales in October, across all its markets, has also pushed the company’s total sales past 1 million units to a total of 1 026 758 vehicles for the first time. In total, Chery is already up by 38,8% compared to last year.

An analysis of the global sales figures shows that all of Chery’s products are well received in the markets in which they are sold. This is especially true for the Tiggo range of products, which are the flagship models under Chery’s Hero Product Strategy.

In the period under review, Chery for instance sold 134 900 Chery Tiggo 7 Pro models and a massive 159 900 Chery Tiggo 8 Pros.

Chery’s massive sales success is reflected in its South African performance, where it recently welcomed its 10 000th customer.

The company entered South Africa in 2021 and started selling the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro in November. It means that it has sold more than 10 000 units in its first year in the country and in less than 11 months.

In other markets, Chery is doing equally well. In Brazil for instance, Chery has sold 29 854 units in the first ten months for a market share of 2,38%. This makes the Chery brand one of the top 10 selling brands in the country.

The Brazilian public also chose the Chery Arrizo 6 sedan as their top vehicle in the Best Value Resale Awards 2022.

In the Middle East, the Chery Tiggo range won the title of Most Intelligent Pioneering Vehicle in their vehicle awards and the range doubled their market share in the past year.

Speeding up for the World Cup

As a partner to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Chery will accelerate its globalisation goals during the upcoming tournament.

Chery’s World Cup marketing campaign will include a unique outdoor display where it will light up various landmarks in countries such as Qatar, Brazil and Mexico. It will also kick off the celebration with millions of soccer fans with its TikTok “Play Together” campaign.

And while the celebrations around the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be going on around the world, Chery will also provide vehicles to the security services in Qatar and to more than 10 countries coming to compete. It will also provide a free shuttle service from the Doha airport in Chery vehicles to Chery owners coming for the beautiful game.

With the kick-off of the World Cup and a positive market at the end of the year, Chery is expected to set another record high in the next two months to round off 2022.


Chery drives SA Auto Week

Chery drives SA Auto Week

The wheels of the inaugural South African Auto Week – the premier business-to-business conference for the automotive industry – will be turning smoothly thanks to Chery.

Chery has signed up to support naamsa with a fleet of Chery Tiggo Pro vehicles to shuttle VIPs, delegates and media representatives to the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit’s conference facilities and between the various on-track experiences.

The SA Auto Week is the first conference of its kind to bring together all 48 vehicle brands in South Africa for a four-day conference under the theme: “Reimagining the Future Together – The rise of the African Auto Industry: Investing in new energy vehicles, infrastructure and people.”

Says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa: “The SA Auto Week will not only welcome representatives from Chery and all the other vehicle brands available in South Africa, but it will also host delegates from many different African countries and from across the world.

“As a global automotive brand and the most exported Chinese vehicle brand in the world, Chery is proud to be associated with the conference and to not only add their name, but also their vehicles to the conference.”

Driving the delegates, government representatives and other VIPs will be a fleet of no fewer than 13 Chery Tiggo 8 Pro luxury SUVs.

The Tiggo 8 Pro was the first model to announce Chery’s official entry into South Africa and it remains its South African flagship.

The Tiggo 8 Pro fleet driving the SA Auto Week feature the latest in Chery technology, including Adaptive Cruise Control, wireless phone charging, a digital instrument cluster and wireless charging. They are also equipped with a refrigerated centre armrest to cool drinks for all the occupants.

“The Chery Tiggo 8 Pro has set a new standard in technology and luxury for seven-seater SUVs and while it is equipped with all possible luxuries, it is the Voice Control system that attracts most of the attention from first-time Chery drivers.

“By simply saying ‘Hey Chery’ you can call the car to attention and instruct it to do virtually anything, from opening the panoramic glass sunroof to changing the climate control. We are sure this will provide endless entertainment for the Auto Week guests as they are shuttled around Kyalami.”

Chery has made waves in the South African industry by reaching a Top 10 sales position within just 10 months of entering South Africa. Its range of Tiggo 4 Pro, Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro are now sold through a network of more than 68 dedicated dealers, with more opening every month.

“Chery is wholly committed to South Africa, and it already counts as one of the most active corporate citizens in the automotive industry. We see South Africa as a pivotal market and a valuable entry point into the growing African vehicle market.

“With this in mind, we are very proud to be a key partner of naamsa at the 2022 SA Auto Week,” says Liu.


Rapid improvement and top 10 ranking for Chery

Rapid improvement and top 10 ranking for Chery

The group was ranked as one of the ten best-quality brands in China. It is one of only two Chinese brands to be counted among the top 10.

JD Power is the world’s leading authority on vehicle quality rankings. Its global offices interview thousands of customers shortly after their purchases and then later on their ownership journey, and then it compiles their feedback into various rankings.

Of the many JD Power rankings, the Initial Quality Survey (IQS) is perhaps one of the most authoritative. It evaluates a vehicle’s quality from the perspective of the owners of the vehicle. This is reported over time (to see a brand’s improvement) and against its main competitors (to allow customers to make an informed choice).

In the most recent JD Power report in China, the group evaluated models such as the Chery Arizzo Pro, the Tiggo 8 Pro and several others against its direct competitors from other Chinese brands and from European, American and Japanese brands.

The report ranked Chery in the Top 10 of best-quality brands and selected the Arizzo Pro, Chery’s mid-sized sedan, as its top performing mid-sized sedan.

In the highly competitive SUV segment, the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX was ranked number 2 and the Tiggo 4 Pro third in their respective size segments.

“China is arguably the most competitive vehicle market in the world, with every large vehicle manufacturer present. To rank among the top 10 overall and be one of the top best domestic brands with the highest quality are a singular achievement,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

“The feedback from our Chinese clients very much reflects the initial response from our South African owners. Most of our customers trade in their vehicles from well-known brands for a Chery and then compare their ownership experience with what they were used to in their previous vehicle. To get a thumbs up from these customers is the best endorsement that we could wish for at Chery South Africa,” says Liu.

In the run-up to the publication of the Chinese JD Power report, Chery achieved a sales volume of 107 013 in August, up 132.3% year-on-year. Add to that the sales from January, and it means that Chery sold 566 883 vehicles in 2022. This is a massive jump of 47.1% year-on-year.

A deeper analysis of Chery sales shows that the Tiggo 8 and Tiggo 7 series have become the two mainstays of Chery brand in sales, with a sales volume of 18 286 for the Tiggo 8 Pro in August, up 98.5% year-on-year, and a sales volume of 20 286 for Tiggo 7, up 628.1% year-on-year.

“The next step for Chery in the JD Power analysis would be to enter our new energy vehicles (NEVs). Products such as the Tiggo 8 Pro e+ and I CAR were on display at the Chengdu Auto Show, and soon we will start hearing from customers how they love these new Chery models,” says Liu.


Chery takes the fun to RUN YOUR CITY Jo’burg

Chery takes the fun to RUN YOUR CITY Jo’burg

  • Chery gives Tiggo 4 Pro to one lucky runner
  • Chery Tiggo Pro fleet provide logistics support
  • Fans join in on the #WithCheryWithLove campaign

What do you call a Chery Tiggo 7 Pro being chased by thousands of Jo’burgers?

The Absa Johannesburg Run Your City 10K was hosted successfully this Saturday with a record 12 000 people participating. And Chery showed up as always to not only make sure the event ran smoothly, but also that everyone had fun along the way.

Chery is the SUV and lifestyle partner of the RUN YOUR CITY Series, a set of races through South Africa’s largest cities. The races have been designed to expose runners to some of the unique spots in their hometowns, while competing for a rich purse of prizes.

To make the RUN YOUR CITY Series even more unique, the organisers (Stilwater Sports) and sponsors like Absa and Chery work together to create fun and excitement along the way. This includes live music and high-energy distance markers, where participants can recharge and refresh.

For Chery South Africa, the event is an integral part of its #WithCheryWithLove campaign. Chery has launched this campaign across the world to not only celebrate the Chery lifestyle, but to do good and have fun at the same time.

“We may be one of the youngest Chery markets in the world, but our customers and South Africans in general have taken to the #WithCheryWithLove campaign with the same energy that they do most things,” says Bianca van Staden, Brand and Marketing Manager for Chery South Africa.

Van Staden says that for the RUN YOUR CITY Joburg race, Chery together with Absa and Stillwater Sports, gave away yet another Chery Tiggo 4 Pro. This is the second race in a row where one lucky runner won the keys to their own brand-new Tiggo 4 Pro.

In Durban, the previous RUN YOUR CITY Race, Chery gave the keys to Ziningi Sibisi, a local Durbanite who was still trying to catch her breath at the end of the race when she found out she was the proud owner of a new Chery.

In Johannesburg, Aadil Patel, a recreational runner, was called to the stage and handed the keys to a Chery Tiggo 4 Pro worth R289 900.

While Chery will be best remembered by Patel and the other runners for their rich prize hand-over, they were also very busy behind the scenes to make sure the race was run smoothly. For one, Chery provided the lead time-keeping vehicle and logistics vehicles that were used by officials, medical personnel and other staff members that kept runners safe and on track.

Chery also provided their extensive network of dealers to the organisers for runners to sign up for the race prior to it taking place this weekend.

Lastly, Chery commandeered the well-known actor, Chery driver and fan favourite Armand du Plessis to join them at the race. Armand hosted a competition of his own in the run-up to the race, handing over tickets to the event, sharing fun pictures of red-faced runners and encouraging more Jo’burgers to kick-start their active lifestyles.

Says Van Staden: “When Chery gets involved in an activity, they do it with energy and conviction. We cannot wait for the next RUN YOUR CITY campaign to get more people on the road and who knows, perhaps we will even hand-over yet another Chery Tiggo Pro to a lucky runner.”

Fans of road running can watch highlights of the event on SuperSport and can find fun updates from the race day by searching for #WithCheryWithLove and #RunYourCity on social media.


Chery celebrates its first birthday with massive prize draw

Chery celebrates its first birthday with massive prize draw

  • Everyone invited to a test drive at their nearest dealer
  • Chery to pick a random winner for a grand prize
  • Luxury weekend away for two worth R45 000 on the cards

The Chinese manufacturer of luxury SUVs has launched a three-month birthday celebration campaign that will involve every one of its 60 dealers and every South African that have imagined themselves behind the wheel of a Chery.

The campaign was launched on Thursday 19 September in preparation for Chery’s first birthday in November. It will run for three months and will include a massive prize for one lucky Chery test driver.

“It is hard to believe that Chery only turns one year old in November. From humble beginnings last year, the brand has grown beyond everyone’s expectations and become a top 10 passenger vehicle brand in eight months.

“In true Chery style, we want to celebrate this by involving all our dealers, our customers and everyone that want to test drive a Chery. And of course, the birthday gift will be for a customer or potential customer!” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

The campaign is simple and fun.

Anyone interested in getting behind the wheel of a Chery Tiggo Pro are invited to visit their nearest Chery dealership.

Here, a sales representative will be more than willing to take them on the road in the Chery of their choice and show them all the features that have made the entire range so sought after.

After the test drive, the person will be invited to take a selfie at the car and upload it on a dedicated page on the Chery South Africa website (

Chery will share and celebrate each selfie on its social pages from September to November and then, at the end of the three-month campaign, pick a random person to win an all-expenses paid trip to a luxury hotel in the heart of the bushveld.

“Every campaign that Chery has launched in the last nine months have been focussed on recognising and rewarding customers. This campaign will be no exception and will count among our richest rewards to date,” says Bianca an Staden, National Marketing and Brand Manager of Chery South Africa.

The prize includes an all-expenses trip to the Kruger National Park in a Chery Tiggo Pro to stay at the posh Kruger Shelati, the converted five-star train hotel on the bridge in the Kruger. The stay includes two nights for two people, all drinks meals and even a spa and several game drives. Chery will add fuel to the value of R5 000 to boot!

“The prize is valued at R45 000 and it is available to anyone who tests a Chery and uploads their selfie onto our website. We will celebrate each upload and every entry will qualify for a place in the lucky draw,” says Van Staden.

For more information on the campaign, or to enter your selfie, click here


Chery upgrades three Tiggo 4 Pro models

Chery upgrades three Tiggo 4 Pro models

  • Cloth interior replaced with vegan leather
  • 6 airbags standard across range
  • Elite SE now with ADAS suite

Customers have spoken, and Chery has listened.

“In November this year, we will celebrate the first full year of sales, but we did not wait for this milestone to collect feedback from our customers. Instead, we have been on the road with dealers and customers to find out what they like, what they would like to change and what we could offer more,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager, Chery South Africa.

Liu says that the first example of Chery South Africa’s responsiveness to customers can be seen in the three new models – a new Tiggo 4 Pro Urban, a new Tiggo 4 Comfort and a top-specified Tiggo 4 Elite SE.

The three models have been added to the range under the MY2022 model code, and they will soon phase out any existing Urban, Comfort and Elite SE models. This means that the range will still consist of five distinct models, starting with a five-speed Tiggo 4 Urban and peaking at the Tiggo 4 Pro Elite SE with a nine-step CVT transmission.

Tiggo 4 Pro Urban

As the entry-level model into the Tiggo 4 Pro range and the world of Chery, the Tiggo 4 Pro Urban is one of the best-selling models in the range.

For the new model year, and based on feedback from customers, Chery South Africa has upgraded the interior and added a number of safety features.

To start, the cloth interior has been replaced by vegan leather. This upholstery is added to the seats, steering and the door inlays. This new luxury trim is further enhanced with the addition of a central front armrest, adjustable rear headrests and an in-built coat rack.

As a final addition to the comfort features, Chery has replaced the front driver’s seat adjustment with a new six-way manual adjustment system. This is a brand-new addition to both the Urban and Comfort trim levels.

Chery has also boosted the number of airbags from two to six, with the addition of front side airbags for the occupants and roof mounted side airbags that run the length of the cabin. This means that the entire Chery Tiggo 4 Pro range now has six airbags as standard.

Further adding to the impressive safety credentials, Chery has fitted a new-generation pre-tensioning system to both front seatbelts and a seatbelt reminder to the front passenger seat.

The Urban specification level now also has remote locking that will, when the key is pressed for longer, also close any open windows. This means the entire Tiggo 4 Pro range has this feature as standard.

Also standard across the entire Tiggo 4 Pro range (and brand new in the Urban and Comfort ranges) is a digital tyre pressure monitoring system.
Lastly, Chery has responded to customer demand to add Voice Command as standard on the Urban.

“Chery’s Voice Command system has been one of the most popular features across our Tiggo Pro ranges. From asking your Chery to open the window to simply asking ‘What can you do, Chery?’, this system has been a treat for customers, and we have decided to give it as standard to all customers, including of the Tiggo 4 Pro Urban entry-level model,” says Liu.

Chery Tiggo 4 Comfort

The Tiggo 4 Pro Comfort is the step up from the entry-level Urban model, and it has the additional benefit of being equipped with a continuously variable transmission with nine pre-programmed transmission steps.

In the new model, Chery has added the same features as on the Urban, which include vegan leather across the entire interior, six airbags in the place of two, remote locking with auto window closing, a new multi-adjustable driver’s seat and Voice Command.

Tiggo 4 Pro Elite SE

As the flagship in the range, the Tiggo 4 Pro Elite SE is a true showcase of the luxury and technology that Chery has on offer in the compact premium segment.

For the new season, Chery will retain all the luxuries that were standard in the SE and also add a full array of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Included in the ADAS suite is a radar-guidance system that is flush-mounted in the front of the vehicle.

Using the radar and other related technologies, Chery is able to offer features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, a Pre-Collision Warning system that monitors traffic flow and pre-empts emergency braking or evasive manoeuvres, and Lane-keep and Lane Departure Warning systems.

Chery has also, for good measure, added a complete 360 degree around-view monitor system. The system uses a camera array to make a composite bird’s eye view of the vehicle, allowing the driver to safely and easily manoeuvre in even the tightest of spaces.


It is worth noting that even without the recent safety, luxury and technology upgrades, the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro was already considered one of the most feature-packed compact luxury SUVs in South Africa.

All Tiggo 4 Pro models are equipped with a large high-definition 10.25” infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto fitted as standard.

The entire Tiggo 4 Pro range also has Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, electric windows all-round, air conditioning (climate control on the turbo-powered models) and a complete array of LED daytime running lights.

The new Chery Tiggo 4 Pro models are available immediately across the entire Chery network, which has doubled from 30 outlets at the time of launch to over 60 dealers at the moment.


Model Price
Tiggo 4 Pro Urban 5MT – 1.5L R289 900
MY22 Tiggo 4 Pro Urban 5MT – 1.5L R299 900
Tiggo 4 Pro Comfort CVT – 1.5L R319 900
MY22 Tiggo 4 Pro Comfort CVT – 1.5L R336 900
Tiggo 4 Pro Elite 6MT – 1.5T R346 900
Tiggo 4 Pro Elite CVT – 1.5T R377 900
Tiggo 4 Pro Elite CVT SE – 1.5T R381 900
MY22 Tiggo 4 Pro Elite CVT SE – 1.5T (ADAS) R399 900