Enjoy your first class with the new Tiggo 8 Pro

Enjoy your first class with the new Tiggo 8 Pro

  • New interior with extra luxury features
  • New grille, lights and light-up logo
  • Improved ADAS

First class has just gotten better.

Chery South Africa has just unveiled an upgraded Chery Tiggo 8 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro MAX with more features, upgraded styling and a wholly redesigned interior.

In February 2022, Chery invited South Africans to Enjoy your First Class behind the wheel of its flagship SUV, the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro.

At that time, the Tiggo 8 Pro offered unmatched value in its class, with luxuries such as a panoramic sunroof, a full leather upholstery, dual zone climate control and a fully integrated voice control system as standard.

The Tiggo 8 Pro first class experience improved further late in 2022, when Chery added the powerful Tiggo 8 Pro MAX. This model added significant power and even more luxuries to the flagship range. The Tiggol 8 was also awarded the 2023 COTY Motoring Enthusiasts award this year – an accolade that speaks to the vehicle’s growing popularity in South Africa.

“The Chery Tiggo 8 Pro is not only our flagship model in terms of luxury and performance, but it is also our top performing model globally. As such it accounts for a significant part of Chery’s global growth,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

In South Africa, no fewer than 3 100 customers have purchased a Tiggo 8 Pro, making it one of the best-selling vehicles in its class and mirroring the range’s global success.

Bright, bold, beautiful

There is no mistaking the upgraded Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 for its predecessor or any other midsize luxury seven-seater on the road.

Taking centre stage on the new, upgraded model is a brand-new grille and illuminated Chery logo.

The grille is a reinterpretation of the “galaxy full of stars” design that is used on all Tiggo Pro models that narrows towards a point above the logo. This design, informally called the “warp speed grille”, creates the impression of speed and places additional emphasis on the new Chery logo.

The Chery logo in the grille uses an array of LED lights to light up in a gradual manner to create the impression that the Tiggo 8 Pro is coming to life. This is combined with a special light-up sequence of the LED Matrix headlamps and LED daytime running lights to create a unique visual signature and welcome the driver and their guests to their First Class Experience.

The grille itself is framed by a new wide grey moulding that gives the Tiggo 8 Pro a bolder and more forceful overtaking presence.

Viewed from the side, all the design elements that have made the Tiggo 8 Pro so sought after, like the three waistlines running from the front to rear lights, the glass panoramic roof, the diamond cut dark alloy wheels and the bold wheel arches remain unchanged.

At the rear, the vehicle has completely redesigned light clusters that are connected by a striking LED light bar between them. The rear lights have been designed to light up from the centre light bar to the lower edges of the tail lamps during the vehicle start-up sequence. This again creates the impression of a vehicle coming to life.

Welcome to your (all new) first class

While the exterior design of the MY2023 Pro and Pro MAX is an evolution and upgrade of the Tiggo 8 Pro design, the interior is all new.

To start, Chery’s designers changed the dual-cluster design of the previous Tiggo 8 Pro and replaced it with two thin and connected 12.35” screens that together form a digital screen of 24.7” long.

The section of the screen in front of the driver will under normal circumstances display vehicle information and speed, while the section to the right will take care of infotainment controls. As is customary for Chery vehicles, the screens, their layout and the level of detail required can be customised easily.

Those familiar with the previous Tiggo 8 Pro will remember a third screen, mounted on the lower level of the centre console. This screen, which took care of the climate controls, has been replaced by a set of haptic touch-sensitive buttons that are both easier to control and close at hand for both the driver and front passenger.

Speaking of climate control, all the rows have access to their own air conditioning controls, with the first-row occupants pampered by a dual zone independent climate control system.

Chery has also upgraded the Air Quality System (AQS) to include an ion sensor that will automatically engage the purifying system when it detects polluted air. The air quality inside the Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 range is N95 certified, making it similar to the air quality in a surgeon’s operating room.

Other notable upgrades include the overall design of the dashboard and doors. The former has been completely redesigned with soft touch leather and wood grain patterns and silver finishing that that are similar to the matt silver finishing of the climate control, electric windows and electric seat buttons.

The dashboard has been designed to create a feeling of space and modern opulence. This is also true of the new centre console. This has been upgraded with soft touch leather, a new gear lever, cup holders that have now moved to be in front of the gear lever and a new 50W fast wireless phone charging pad.

In the doors, the new design means that all the surfaces that are normally within the passengers’ reach are leather, textured or soft touch for a more premium experience.

In the new design, the speakers from the Sony sound system have moved into the doors from the A-pillar, while the ambient lighting now reaches above and below the audio and windows control section. The ambient lighting can be set to 64 different hues and also made to ‘dance’ in step with whatever music is playing on the SONY sound system.

As before, the list of luxury features deserves a full release of its own. Both models have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, offline navigation, a panoramic sunroof, voice controls for everything from setting the climate to closing the boot and electrically adjustable seats.

On the topic of seats, following the feedback from owners, the Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 is now upholstered in black leather and the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX MY2023 has received plush, dark chocolate brown leather upholstery with front seats that are both heated and cooled. Both models are equipped with a “boss button” seat where a rear occupant can control the passenger seat.

Both versions of the Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 have four USB ports split equally between Type A and Type C and equally between the front and middle row seats.

They also have a unique step-up-and-step-away feature. This feature allows someone in possession of the key to walk up to the boot and then take a step back to have the boot open automatically. This is especially helpful when you approach the vehicle with arms full of groceries.

Safety first

As a flagship SUV product, the MY2023 Tiggo 8 Pro and Pro MAX offer owners and their passengers the ultimate assurance of safety.

In addition to adopting the high-strength steel in more than 60% of the bodywork and the use of Benteler ultra-high thermo-forming steel with yield strength of more than 1500 Mpa for improving the strength of the vehicle body comprehensively, the Tiggo 8 Pro is also equipped with the newest Bosch ESP 9.3 body electronic stability system and pre-tensioned safety belt as standard.

As before, all versions of the Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 have a comprehensive list of active and passive safety features, including front, front side, rear bolster, driver knee and side curtain airbags.

Moreover, the Tiggo 8 Pro Max is also equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) integrating more than 10 kinds of intelligent driving assistance functions, including adaptive cruise control (ACC), autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane keeping assistance (LKA) to mention a few. All new to the Tiggo 8 Pro Max MY2023 is a DVR driver view recorder (built-in dash cam) and an updated AVM (all view monitor) camera.

The Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 1.6 derivative has a more simplified ADAS functionality consisting of BSD, RTCA and DOW (please refer to spec sheet for more details).

In this, the newest version, Chery has upgraded many of the ADAS systems to level 2 autonomy. This means that the vehicle is also equipped with features that assist passengers, pedestrians, and other vehicles.

For example, if the vehicle performs an emergency manoeuvre and it realises that another vehicle close by is not paying attention and putting its occupants at risk, it can flash its hazards to warn the vehicle.

Another example is the improvements to the door open warning system. Now, the system will monitor both flanks and warn occupants not to open a door if there is a car approaching, by flashing a red ring light around the door mounted speakers.

Intelligent Voice Command

Intelligent voice command has become a core Chery Company value (USP). In the New Tiggo 8 MY2023 range the intelligent voice command has some added updates which include open offline navigation and heated and ventilated seats to mention a few.

Ample power

As one of the most popular vehicles in its class and the top selling Tiggo globally, Chery has decided to retain the existing and much-loved powertrains.

This means the Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 is fitted with Chery’s Heart of China-winning 1.6 TGDI engine that delivers a maximum power output of 145 kW at 5 500 rpm and a solid 290 Nm across a notably wide powerband between 2 000 rpm and 4 400 rpm. The engine is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (7DCT) that delivers power to the front wheels.

Customers who choose the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX MY2023 can expect top notch power from Chery’s 2.0 TDGI engine. This flagship powerplant utilises many of Chery’s newest proprietary engine technologies to deliver 187 kW at 5 500 rpm and 390 Nm from 2 000 rpm to 4 000 rpm. This engineis equipped with the same smooth-shifting seven speed DCT gearbox to deliver power to the front wheels.

It is this powerful flagship – the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX MY2023 – that has been chosen as the official presidential vehicle partner for the BRICS summit that takes place in Johannesburg later this month. The event will see the heads of 52 countries and senior delegates from United Nations-entities such as the World Trade Organisation and World Health Organisation attend. They will all experience the comfort and performance that sets the all-new Tiggo 8 Pro MAX MY2023 apart from the rest.


Chery’s value has not only improved in terms of design, luxury and safety, but also in its level of aftermarket support and service value.

For instance, since first launching the Tiggo 8 Pro, Chery has added a range of free value-added services, including free rim and scratch repair, free roadside assistance, a free loan vehicle when your Tiggo is in for a longer service or repair and even a free take-me-home service.

Chery has also partnered with Absa to introduce a range of extended service plans and warranties and the possibility to upgrade a service plan to a comprehensive maintenance plan.
Even if customers choose not to upgrade their warranty or service plan, they can still benefit from Chery’s impressive standard warranty and service plan.

Buyers of the Tiggo 8 Pro can expect a 5-year / 60 000 km service plan and 5 year / 150 000 km comprehensive mechanical warranty. With the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX buyers receive a 7-year / 90 000 km service plan and the same mechanical warranty.

And then there is the unmatched Chery engine warranty which offers 10-years / 1-million-kilometre of peace of mind motoring.

Pick your first class

Two models of the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MY2023 are available at launch. They are:

  • Tiggo 8 Pro 1.6T Executive – R609 900
  • Tiggo 8 Pro MAX 2.0T Executive – R669 900

The first 100 customers to purchase an all new Tiggo 8 Pro Max MY2023 will gain membership to The Max Club, which offers a host of exclusive lifestyle benefits, a 5-year My Chery Care package, as well as the opportunity to win one of 3 trips to China later this year.


Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is the people’s choice

Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is the people’s choice

It’s official, the world’s favourite Chinese vehicle brand is also South African motorists’ favourite brand.

The Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX was chosen last night as the Motor Enthusiast’s Choice at the Car of the Year gala evening in Johannesburg, which was hosted by the SA Guild of Mobility Journalists and their sponsor Old Mutual Insurance.

The Award means that the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX received the most votes from the public as their Car of the Year choice for 2023.

“We are overjoyed by our award,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa. “The announcement is a clear endorsement of our Tiggo 8 Pro and its popularity among South African motorists.”

The Motor Enthusiast’s Choice Award mirrors Chery’s success in the retail market. From an unknown entity late in 2021, Chery has grown rapidly to become a regular member of the Top 10 list of best-selling vehicle brands in the country.

Year to date, Chery has sold 6 600 new Tiggo models in South Africa and close to 20 000 units since commencing operations in South Africa. On a global scale, Chery has sold over 450 000 new cars in the first quarter of 2023, setting a record and further affirming Chery’s position as the top-selling Chinese exporter in the world. It has held this position for the past 21 years.

“It is heartening to see how well Chery has been accepted in South Africa. The Tiggo 4 Pro is one of the best-selling passenger vehicles in the country and both the Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro are among the top-sellers in their categories,” says Liu.

Chery’s success in the local vehicle market is not without reason. Since introducing its very first model, Chery has offered each owner a comprehensive mechanical warranty and service plan that include a 1 million kilometre / 10-year engine warranty.

The company later backed up this promise by investing in a larger, state-of-the-art warehouse, from where it ships parts to every dealer, every day.

Chery also impressed buyers and fans alike with its new, innovative Chery Cares programme, which includes 24/7 roadside assistance and a host of services, including scratch and dent repair, rim repair, drive-me-home chauffeur services and even windscreen replacement as part of the purchase price.

Returning to last night’s winner – the Tiggo 8 Pro Max – the public appears to have given its thumbs up to this flagship SUV that offers everything in terms of power, performance, luxury features and space, without the punishing price tag of many of its competitors.

The Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is fitted with a 2 litre TGDI turbo-petrol engine that delivers a powerful 187 kW and 390 Nm of torque. The engine uses the most modern engineering in the Chery Group, such as direct injection, lightweight moulding, intelligent engine management and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to offer class leading performance at a price of only R629 900.

“The Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX was not only the most powerful finalist in the Midsize Vehicle Category in this year’s Car of the Year competition, but also one of the best specified vehicles outright,” says Liu.

As the flagship of the entire Chery range in South Africa, the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX includes virtually every creature comfort and luxury feature that one can expect in this class of vehicle. This includes a large panoramic sunroof, six omnidirectional airbags, automatic adaptive LED headlights, an intelligent voice command system and one of the largest touch-screen high-resolution infotainment systems in the industry.

The Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is also fitted with a complete range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), including Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, a full 360-degree camera system, Front Collision Warning and Intelligent High Beam Control.

Add to this list a best-in-class interior with seven seats, an intelligent all-wheel drive system, one of the strongest safety cells of any midsized SUV and the high-performance engine and you have a vehicle unmatched in its category.

“The Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is a perfect example of our approach to the market. Many manufacturers advertise a list price that offers virtually no luxury features to lure buyers onto the showroom floor, only to burden them with a long list of expensive addons and features.

“In contrast, the Tiggo 8 Pro is fitted with all the luxury features as standard, and the buyer is only left with one option, their choice of colour.”

“We would like to thank all the journalists and public that voted for Chery and the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX as the Motor Enthusiast’s Choice. We cannot wait to welcome more people into our showrooms and introduce them to the South African Motor Enthusiast’s Choice!” says Liu.


Chery sets new global sales record

Chery sets new global sales record

Chery sold a record 126 713 vehicles in April.

This number includes both domestic and international sales. It is an impressive 128% higher than the same month last year and it pushes Chery’s global sales to 457 048 vehicles in the first quarter of 2023.

Looking closely at the April sales, it is clear that the Tiggo Pro range is driving much of Chery’s global success.

In April, the Tiggo 7 Pro sold 18 715 units and the Tiggo 8 Pro was delivered to 15 307 customers.
The Tiggo Pro range is just as popular in South Africa. Here, Chery sells the Tiggo 4 Pro, the Tiggo 7 Pro and the Tiggo 8 Pro(Including Tiggo8Pro Max). Together these models have found a new record of 5389 new homes to date.

“Chery is now firmly established as a Top 10 passenger vehicle brand in South Africa, a mere 18 months after selling its first car in the country.

“While all the Tiggo Pro models are selling ahead of our sales targets, it is the Tiggo 4 Pro that has become the most popular model. Its affordable entry price and complete list of creature comforts has made it one of the top 10 best-selling passenger vehicles in South Africa,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery Group South Africa.

Chery continues to grow, both in terms of sales and in popularity. This was particularly evident at the Shanghai Auto Show, where Chery welcomed over 1 000 guests from more than 80 countries and regions where it sells vehicles.

Liu and his team from Chery in South Africa also hosted South African dealers and journalists in Shanghai.

“We had the opportunity to show our guests the true breadth of Chery’s operations in China and across the globe. For instance, we shared with guests how Chery has over 12 million owners in virtually every continent across the world. We also shared how in China alone, Chery has applied for close to 21 000 technical patents of which 13 153 have already been awarded.”

Many of the Chery patents relate to its proprietary engine and electric vehicle technology. Chery has stated previously that it will develop a complete range of engines, electric drives and even hydrogen systems and the platforms that will allow the company to use these technologies interchangeably.

In Shanghai, the focus was on a new generation of Chery new energy vehicles (NEVs). Chery not only showcased some of its newest electric and plug-in hybrid models, but also publicly committed to developing a complete industrial supply chain for the development and manufacture of electric vehicles.

“Chery’s rapid technological advancements hold great promise for South Africa. We are not only a fast-growing market for the Chery Group, but we have the opportunity to support our neighbouring countries with Chery vehicles and technology. The future is truly bright for Chery South Africa,” says Liu.


Chery further extends its corporate social responsibility programmes in SHANG HAI Autoshow

Chery further extends its corporate social responsibility programmes in SHANG HAI Autoshow

The plan was launched by Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery Automobile, Zhang Guibing, General Manager of Chery International, and dealer representatives from across the globe. The inclusion of dealers in this announcement is significant, as they will play an important role in extending the impact of this fund across the globe.

This is not the first global plan launched by Chery. The brand was the first Chinese automobile manufacturer to launch its internationalisation strategy nearly 20 years ago. In the two decades since, it has achieved remarkable growth and learned a great deal about the needs and dreams of global customers.

Since exporting its first vehicle, Chery has won the trust of over 11.2 million users worldwide. It has been the largest exporter of vehicles in China ever since.

Today, Chery is not just an exporter of vehicles. It has five global research and development centres and more than 1 500 dealers in over 80 countries and regions.

With its continuous expansion of the global market and its growing user base, Chery has identified a need to play an active role in protecting the environment and building a better international community. To help with this, Chery has created and funded an international public welfare fund focused on the environment and the global climate.

This fund will channel future Chery activities in these fields. Chery has, for instance, supported Turkey after its major earthquake and helped public welfare activities focused on women in Kuwait. Similarly, it is funding child welfare homes and programmes in South Africa.
Many of these activities will in future be supported and managed by the new Green Public Welfare Fund.

Ultimately, this new fund will grow to include social welfare and environmental projects in other parts of the world where Chery is actively engaged with communities, putting emphasis on its “With Chery With Love” ethos of showing love to every user worldwide.


Chery pours on the love with MyCheryCares

Chery pours on the love with MyCheryCares

  • A comprehensive set of maintenance, repair and convenience products added to every Chery purchased
  • Existing customers can add the features at a 15% discount
  • All features are available on the Chery App and via a convenient call centre

If the best warranty in the business, great specifications and world-class service is not enough, Chery South Africa has added a whole new level of customer convenience with MyCheryCare.

MyCheryCares is a unique innovation from Chery that combines a host of free service, chauffeur, maintenance and convenience features with every new Chery purchased. What’s more, these features are included for the first two years of ownership at no extra cost and can be extended to five years at a nominal fee.

“Everything we do at Chery has our customers at heart. From our 1-million-kilometre warranty to our strict dealer selection criteria that ensures only the best possible customer service, we want to make a Chery customer’s ownership experience as fuss-free as possible.

“With MyCheryCares, we have identified all the small inconveniences that come with vehicle ownership and made them disappear, all without charging customers more,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

Liu explains that MyCheryCares groups a number of unique vehicle insurance and convenience products under one banner.

The first group of products are called MySurfacePlan. This range of products includes scratch repairs, tar removal, headlamp renewal and mag wheel repair, to name but a few.

MySurfacePlan allows a Chery owner to fix small dents and scratches, including damage to alloy wheels and even windscreen chips and cracks at no cost. This product range even includes an annual free wheel alignment service and even a comprehensive Scotch Guard treatment for leather or fabric upholstery.

The range of MySurfacePlan features further include several other benefits not normally available on new vehicles, including odour removal (like pet, tobacco or mouldy smells) and a special annual air conditioning treatment that removes any possible bacteria or fungi in the air flow system.

“While many of the features may seem unnecessary on a new vehicle, it could completely transform an owner’s experience after one or two years behind the wheel of their Chery or help them spruce their Chery up when they decide to trade it on a new model or sell it,” says Liu.

Also included in the sale of every new Chery, is a range of convenient transport services grouped under MyTaxi, MyDriveHome and MyCourteseyCar.

Included in this range of products are a host of features such as a free taxi service for times when a customer finds themselves without their beloved Chery and a free rental vehicle when an owner’s Chery is in for repairs or longer services.

To add to these benefits, Chery has even included a free take-me-home service under MyDriveHome. This service is ideal for those occasions when an owner returns from a restaurant or work event and is concerned that they might have exceeded the legal alcohol consumption limit.

With MyDriveHome, Chery’s call centre will dispatch two drivers, with one driving the owner’s vehicle home. Using this service, the owner arrives home with their vehicle, but without any risk.

“To offer this comprehensive range of services, we have partnered with industry-leading service providers and trained a dedicated group of call centre staff. The staff members are on hand 24/7 and customers can book any of the MyCheryCares services by making a simple call or choosing the relevant option on the Chery App,” says Liu.

Liu explains that the MyCheryCares product range is governed, like any insurance or service product, by a range of conditions. For instance, services such as free wheel alignment, odour care and leather treatment are available for free once every 12 months, while others are conditional on the state of the repair required.

“While there are rules and regulations that apply to the MyCheryCares products, they are simple and easy to understand and offer significant protection and peace of mind at no extra cost.

“We invite our Chery family, and any vehicle owner who is interested in the Chery range, to visit their nearest Chery dealer to learn more and test drive their favourite model,” says Liu.

Customers who already own a Chery can add the MyCheryCares package at a discount of 15% to the market-related cost, and all customers who purchase a vehicle from 1 February will receive the package at no cost for 2 years.

New customers who want more information or want to claim any of the features can call the Chery Call Centre on 010 753 1157.


Chery unveils Tiggo 8 Pro MAX flagship

Chery unveils Tiggo 8 Pro MAX flagship

  • 2.0 litre engine with 187 kW
  • More safety and luxury features
  • 7 year / 90 000 km service plan standard

The new model, which will slot in above the 1.6 TGDI Tiggo 8 Pro Executive, is a fitting birthday gift to the company and its fans.

Chery celebrates its first birthday, and the end of a very eventful first year, in November. Since opening its doors as a wholly owned subsidiary of Chery in November 2021, the brand has welcomed more than 10 000 customers, became a top 10 best-selling brand and grown its network of dealers to over 70 facilities.

“The Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is the perfect birthday gift to our fans. It offers more power, more safety, and more features than ever before and as such it is the perfect personification of the Chery value promise,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager, Chery South Africa.

New 2.0 TGDI engine:

  • 187kW and 390 Nm
  • 7-speed DCT transmission

At the heart of the new Chery flagship is a new, powerful and refined 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine.

The 2.0 TDGI engine utilises many of Chery’s newest proprietary engine technologies to deliver 187 kW at 5 500 rpm and 390 Nm from 2 000 rpm to 4 000 rpm.

The engine delivers its power to the front wheels through a seven-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) that offers all the comfort of a normal automatic transmission, but with a quicker shift response and better fuel consumption.

Fitted with this transmission, the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX accelerates to 100 km/h from standstill in just 7.3 seconds, while consuming as little as 7 litres per 100 km in a combined usage cycle.

At the heart of the new 2.0 TGDI’s impressive performance and fuel consumption is a second generation “i-HEC” combustion system that uses ultra-low friction technology, intelligent thermal management, and a new Dual Variable Valve Timing system to offer speed, power and refinement at the lowest possible fuel consumption.

The new 2.0 TDGI engine further has a redesigned turbo charger that has a small diameter turbine and new fully floating bearing technology to offer a 22% better response time than similar turbo chargers.

“At Chery, our engineers have coined the phrase ‘2.0T +7DCT’ describe the perfect formula for the best possible driving experience,” says Liu.

“With the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX you get impressive power that is delivered smoothly through a DCT transmission for the best performance and driving experience.”
More luxury and safety features

  • Privacy glass standard
  • Sound-dampening front glasshouse added
  • Full ADAS system on Pro MAX

The Tiggo 8 Pro was launched in February this year with an impressive range of standard features that set a new benchmark for both safety and luxury in its segment.

With the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX, Chery adds even more specifications to the standard feature list, making this the true luxury and safety benchmark in its class.

To start, the MAX has all the features of the Tiggo 8 Pro Executive. This includes Adaptive Cruise Control, multi-colour Ambient Lighting, Chery Voice Control, a large panoramic sunroof, a 12.3-inch digital instrumentation panel, a 10,25 floating infotainment touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and an additional 8-inch touch screen for the dual zone climate control and other vehicle features.

In the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX, Chery has added privacy glass to the rear passenger compartment and upgraded the windscreen and front side windows to thicker sound dampening glass for an even more refined driving experience. It is worth noting that the Tiggo 8 Pro Executive will in future also feature privacy glass as standard.

In addition to the upgraded glasshouse, the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX has a black leather interior, as opposed to the dark tan coloured upholstery of the Executive model.

Other luxury and safety features that come standard on the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX include electrically adjustable driver’s (6 way) and front passenger (4 way) seats, an 8 speaker SONY sound system and wireless mobile phone charging.

Lastly, the MAX has the full array of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that are also included as standard on the Executive model.

This includes Forward Collision Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Adaptive Cruise Control with Emergency Braking Assistance, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Monitoring.

Chery Peace of Mind

  • 7 year / 90 000 km service plan
  • 1-million-kilometre warranty included
  • Chery a top performer in JD Power survey

As the flagship of the Chery range, the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX also offers a top-notch warranty and service plan.

The Tiggo 8 Pro has a 7 year / 90 000 km service plan and the company’s unmatched 10 year / 1-million-kilometre mechanical warranty as standard.

Add to this the peace of mind of knowing that the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is one of the top-performing models in the JD Power Quality Survey.

In the most recent 2022 JD Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study, the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX was second overall in the market for medium-sized SUVs with its combination of power, performance, luxury and safety.

“The Tiggo 8 Pro has been one of Chery’s top-selling vehicles across the world. It has recently surpassed 500 000 sales to become the first Chinese medium-sized SUV and first 7-seater SUV to hit this milestone,” says Liu.

The Tiggo 8 Pro MAX is available at dealerships across South Africa for a suggested retail price of R629 900.


Chery celebrates its first birthday in SA

Chery celebrates its first birthday in SA

  • 10 000-unit milestone hit in less than one year
  • Dealer network now at 74 units
  • Chery a Top 10 brand in South Africa

Chery is celebrating its first year in South Africa with a range of special deals and rewards to current and potential customers. It is also celebrating several major milestones, including reaching the Top 10 in South Africa in its first year of operation.

“You can measure a brand’s success with many different metrics, but none are more rewarding than the number of units sold. For us, each customer who signs an offer to purchase on a new Tiggo Pro is a vote of confidence in our brand and we are very thankful for that,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

If unit sales is a vote of confidence in the Chery brand, then South Africans are in full support of Chery. In its first 11 months of sales, Chery has surpassed 10 000 units.

Such a major milestone is rarely achieved by any brand in one year, let alone by a brand in its first year of operation. It not only establishes Chery as one of the largest brands in the country, but also solidifies its position on the top 10 list of most-popular brands in South Africa.

Says Liu: “We would not have been able to achieve this massive milestone without the support and hard work of our dealer network. Some of these dealers also celebrate their first year in November, while other dealers have only joined more recently.”

Chery now has 74 fully operational dealers across South Africa, offering sales, service and after-sales support. This, like its sales volumes, ranks it among the top brands in South Africa.

“We will continue to add dealers in South Africa where we see an opportunity to better support our Chery family. At the same time, we will look at possible expansion in neighbouring countries,” says Liu.

To celebrate the major milestones, and its first year in Mzansi, Chery has launched a flood of special deals on every Tiggo Pro model. A full list of deals is available on It has also added a competition for a randomly chosen person who has taken one of the Tiggo Pro models for a no-obligation test drive.

The competition offers the person who tested the Tiggo Pro with a two-night stay in the ultra-luxurious Train on the Bridge Hotel near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park.
The prize is worth R45 000 and it includes a two-night stay in the hotel, all drinks, meals, spa treatments and game drives. Chery will even throw in a R5 000 fuel voucher for the road trip to and from the hotel.

With regards to vehicle finance specials, the list is long and growing. Chery is offering new customers a payment holiday from November to February 2023 on any new Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro. Monthly repayments start at R5 557 for the Tiggo 7 Pro and R6 299 per month for the Tiggo 8 Pro. In the case of the Tiggo 8 Pro, Chery will even extend the service plan to seven years at no extra cost.


New sales records for Chery

New sales records for Chery

The company recently reported 132 828 sales in October, making it the fifth consecutive month in which it sold more than 100 000 units in a single month. In comparison, the total sales in October are 50,4% higher than the same month last year.

The stellar sales in October, across all its markets, has also pushed the company’s total sales past 1 million units to a total of 1 026 758 vehicles for the first time. In total, Chery is already up by 38,8% compared to last year.

An analysis of the global sales figures shows that all of Chery’s products are well received in the markets in which they are sold. This is especially true for the Tiggo range of products, which are the flagship models under Chery’s Hero Product Strategy.

In the period under review, Chery for instance sold 134 900 Chery Tiggo 7 Pro models and a massive 159 900 Chery Tiggo 8 Pros.

Chery’s massive sales success is reflected in its South African performance, where it recently welcomed its 10 000th customer.

The company entered South Africa in 2021 and started selling the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro in November. It means that it has sold more than 10 000 units in its first year in the country and in less than 11 months.

In other markets, Chery is doing equally well. In Brazil for instance, Chery has sold 29 854 units in the first ten months for a market share of 2,38%. This makes the Chery brand one of the top 10 selling brands in the country.

The Brazilian public also chose the Chery Arrizo 6 sedan as their top vehicle in the Best Value Resale Awards 2022.

In the Middle East, the Chery Tiggo range won the title of Most Intelligent Pioneering Vehicle in their vehicle awards and the range doubled their market share in the past year.

Speeding up for the World Cup

As a partner to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Chery will accelerate its globalisation goals during the upcoming tournament.

Chery’s World Cup marketing campaign will include a unique outdoor display where it will light up various landmarks in countries such as Qatar, Brazil and Mexico. It will also kick off the celebration with millions of soccer fans with its TikTok “Play Together” campaign.

And while the celebrations around the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be going on around the world, Chery will also provide vehicles to the security services in Qatar and to more than 10 countries coming to compete. It will also provide a free shuttle service from the Doha airport in Chery vehicles to Chery owners coming for the beautiful game.

With the kick-off of the World Cup and a positive market at the end of the year, Chery is expected to set another record high in the next two months to round off 2022.


Chery drives SA Auto Week

Chery drives SA Auto Week

The wheels of the inaugural South African Auto Week – the premier business-to-business conference for the automotive industry – will be turning smoothly thanks to Chery.

Chery has signed up to support naamsa with a fleet of Chery Tiggo Pro vehicles to shuttle VIPs, delegates and media representatives to the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit’s conference facilities and between the various on-track experiences.

The SA Auto Week is the first conference of its kind to bring together all 48 vehicle brands in South Africa for a four-day conference under the theme: “Reimagining the Future Together – The rise of the African Auto Industry: Investing in new energy vehicles, infrastructure and people.”

Says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa: “The SA Auto Week will not only welcome representatives from Chery and all the other vehicle brands available in South Africa, but it will also host delegates from many different African countries and from across the world.

“As a global automotive brand and the most exported Chinese vehicle brand in the world, Chery is proud to be associated with the conference and to not only add their name, but also their vehicles to the conference.”

Driving the delegates, government representatives and other VIPs will be a fleet of no fewer than 13 Chery Tiggo 8 Pro luxury SUVs.

The Tiggo 8 Pro was the first model to announce Chery’s official entry into South Africa and it remains its South African flagship.

The Tiggo 8 Pro fleet driving the SA Auto Week feature the latest in Chery technology, including Adaptive Cruise Control, wireless phone charging, a digital instrument cluster and wireless charging. They are also equipped with a refrigerated centre armrest to cool drinks for all the occupants.

“The Chery Tiggo 8 Pro has set a new standard in technology and luxury for seven-seater SUVs and while it is equipped with all possible luxuries, it is the Voice Control system that attracts most of the attention from first-time Chery drivers.

“By simply saying ‘Hey Chery’ you can call the car to attention and instruct it to do virtually anything, from opening the panoramic glass sunroof to changing the climate control. We are sure this will provide endless entertainment for the Auto Week guests as they are shuttled around Kyalami.”

Chery has made waves in the South African industry by reaching a Top 10 sales position within just 10 months of entering South Africa. Its range of Tiggo 4 Pro, Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro are now sold through a network of more than 68 dedicated dealers, with more opening every month.

“Chery is wholly committed to South Africa, and it already counts as one of the most active corporate citizens in the automotive industry. We see South Africa as a pivotal market and a valuable entry point into the growing African vehicle market.

“With this in mind, we are very proud to be a key partner of naamsa at the 2022 SA Auto Week,” says Liu.


Rapid improvement and top 10 ranking for Chery

Rapid improvement and top 10 ranking for Chery

The group was ranked as one of the ten best-quality brands in China. It is one of only two Chinese brands to be counted among the top 10.

JD Power is the world’s leading authority on vehicle quality rankings. Its global offices interview thousands of customers shortly after their purchases and then later on their ownership journey, and then it compiles their feedback into various rankings.

Of the many JD Power rankings, the Initial Quality Survey (IQS) is perhaps one of the most authoritative. It evaluates a vehicle’s quality from the perspective of the owners of the vehicle. This is reported over time (to see a brand’s improvement) and against its main competitors (to allow customers to make an informed choice).

In the most recent JD Power report in China, the group evaluated models such as the Chery Arizzo Pro, the Tiggo 8 Pro and several others against its direct competitors from other Chinese brands and from European, American and Japanese brands.

The report ranked Chery in the Top 10 of best-quality brands and selected the Arizzo Pro, Chery’s mid-sized sedan, as its top performing mid-sized sedan.

In the highly competitive SUV segment, the Tiggo 8 Pro MAX was ranked number 2 and the Tiggo 4 Pro third in their respective size segments.

“China is arguably the most competitive vehicle market in the world, with every large vehicle manufacturer present. To rank among the top 10 overall and be one of the top best domestic brands with the highest quality are a singular achievement,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

“The feedback from our Chinese clients very much reflects the initial response from our South African owners. Most of our customers trade in their vehicles from well-known brands for a Chery and then compare their ownership experience with what they were used to in their previous vehicle. To get a thumbs up from these customers is the best endorsement that we could wish for at Chery South Africa,” says Liu.

In the run-up to the publication of the Chinese JD Power report, Chery achieved a sales volume of 107 013 in August, up 132.3% year-on-year. Add to that the sales from January, and it means that Chery sold 566 883 vehicles in 2022. This is a massive jump of 47.1% year-on-year.

A deeper analysis of Chery sales shows that the Tiggo 8 and Tiggo 7 series have become the two mainstays of Chery brand in sales, with a sales volume of 18 286 for the Tiggo 8 Pro in August, up 98.5% year-on-year, and a sales volume of 20 286 for Tiggo 7, up 628.1% year-on-year.

“The next step for Chery in the JD Power analysis would be to enter our new energy vehicles (NEVs). Products such as the Tiggo 8 Pro e+ and I CAR were on display at the Chengdu Auto Show, and soon we will start hearing from customers how they love these new Chery models,” says Liu.